When Should You Schedule Maternity Photos

Throughout your pregnancy, you are going to experience many different emotions. While it can sometimes feel like these 9 months are dragging out during your harder days, you are going to want something to remember these amazing months for years to come. A maternity shoot is a perfect way to capture the true beauty of pregnancy and an even better way to help build up your confidence in your new body.

When Should You Schedule Maternity Photos

When Should You Take Maternity Photos?

For most expecting mothers, maternity photos are scheduled around 30-36 weeks in, which is about the 7th or 8th month of the pregnancy journey. However, we suggest scheduling our maternity photos whenever you feel comfortable. Your maternity photos are all about empowering you and making you feel more confident. While your belly should be nice and round at this point before the baby drops, you should always schedule your photos when you are ready.

Your Dates May Differ

The 7-8 month of pregnancy timeline is simply a guideline as not all pregnancies are the same. We suggest paying close attention to your body to know when the perfect time for your photos will be. Some women will want to do them earlier than others while those who have had children before may want to go a different route this next time around. 

Maternity Photography In Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Once you are ready to schedule your maternity photography, it’s time to contact a photographer. Genny Lynn Photography, a leading maternity photographer in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, can help every step of the way. With nearly a decade of experience serving the South Florida community, Genny Lynn is well known for newborn, maternity, and baby photography. To get more information or to book your maternity session, fill out our contact us form and we will be excited to help you!