5 Tips to Soothe Your Crying Newborn

As a fine art Fort Lauderdale newborn photographer and mom to one beautiful daughter and aunt to many nieces and nephews, I have had the opportunity to soothe a lot of babies over the years. Babies all have different things they like and dislike and that goes for the way they like to be soothed. I’m sharing a few methods that have been helpful for soothing a fussy babies.



  • Feeding – Newborns, especially in the first few weeks can have an unpredictable feeding schedule. This is the first thing I will ask if the baby is fussy. We stop periodically during a newborn session if baby becomes fussy, as this can be an indication of them being hungry. We want to make sure our little clients are well fed and happy.
  • Clean Diaper – I have not seen a baby who likes a dirty diaper. Checking their diaper to make sure it’s clean will help keep them happy. During newborn sessions, we warm wipes and make sure they stay clean and comfortable.
  • Swaddle Baby – Nearly every baby loves to be swaddled. This gives them a feeling of security. They are used to be in a very small space inside the womb and having their limbs tucked in close to their bodies. How tight do you wrap this baby burrito? Snug enough so he/she can’t wriggle their arms and legs free. Stop swaddling when baby is able to roll over on their own. When I swaddle babies during their newborn session, I use soft, thin, stretchy jersey knit fabric. Sometimes, adding another layer or two to match or coordinate with the backdrop or color scheme for the image we are trying to create. Swaddling will almost always calm a fussy baby and will usually settle and fall asleep.
  • Warm or Cold – Newborns have a hard time regulating their body’s temperature. Checking to see if they are too warm or too cold can make them uncomfortable. During a newborn session we warm the area to create a womb-like environment, always being careful to not overheat the baby. We always make sure the space heater is directed at myself or my studio assistant to make sure the location isn’t too warm.
  • White Noise – Complete silence or a startling sound can be disconcerting to a baby. A little white noise can help your baby feel like they’re back in the womb. Anything with a constant, low-level sound. During newborn sessions we use The Baby Shusher, also available as an app for your mobile device. The constant sound is soothing to the baby.

These are some of the most common ways to soothe a newborn baby. During newborn sessions, we follow baby’s lead to try and determine what it is they need. By creating a warm and soothing environment, we are able to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind images you will love and enjoy. We will be posting part two with more helpful ways to soothe your newborn. To learn more about booking your newborn session, please contact me here.