Maternity Photography

offered by Fort Lauderdale, FL Maternity Photographer, Genny Lynn

nude pregnant maternity photo

You have 9 wonderful (or not so wonderful) months of carrying life inside you. There is no greater miracle in the universe than this. Once that tiny baby comes out and you are so thankful you did it, you will want to remember that bump for years to come. Every mama-to-be is a glowing beautiful being who deserves to feel glamorous, confident and fierce.

When you choose to get professional maternity photos of this time in your life, you are capturing not only your baby bump, but you essence as a woman and a mother. A captivating work of art to show your child for years to come how proud and how much you loved them from the very beginning!

Some mamas don't want to get in front of the camera, you may feel self conscious, sick, tired, swollen, but when you see these gorgeous photographs of yourself, those feelings will float away.

I offer a beautiful selection of gowns and backdrops are designed to showcase your pregnant belly in a flattering way. You will be directed into poses that flatter your figure with lighting that will make you feel like a goddess. Professional Hair and Makeup services can be arranged for you, so that your only worry will be to enjoy pampering yourself.

offered by Cooper City, FL maternity photographer, Genny Ward