4 Things to Consider When Hiring a Professional Photographer

It is important that you do enough research to select a professional photographer who can provide you with high quality services. The following factors should be considered during your research so you can make the best choice. Today, there are many photographers who claim to be professionals. Do not just consider the low prices and discounts.

1. Experience.

It is paramount that you choose a photographer who is knowledgeable with experience in the field. If you are looking for the best photographer for your newborn, hiring a photographer that specializes in newborn photography and knows how to handle your baby and posing safety is important.

2. Price.

Spending money on professional photographs is worth it. Hiring someone who is truly talented will help to capture those special moments and memories. Finding the right photographer is a lot like finding the right barber or hair stylist. There are cheap ones, expensive one, lousy ones—and great ones. Hiring a photographer is like purchasing a game console. You will need to purchase additional games to use it. The booking fee will most usually only cover the photographer’s time and talent. Digital files and/or prints and products are purchased separately.  Some photographers are all inclusive, providing either digital files or prints/products with the booking fee. Knowing what’s included is key to finding out what your investment may be.

Photographers that sell prints and products sometimes refer to themselves as a full service photographer, meaning they do all the printing and ordering of the products for you. All inclusive photographers will generally leave everything up to you to print and provide a release for you to do what you wish with the images. The investment associated with choosing a full service photographer or all inclusive photographer can vary greatly. If you’re a DIY-er, then an all inclusive photographer may be your preferred choice. Many prefer to work with a full service photographer, or one who provides finished products. They don’t know the best place to get amazing quality, the know-how of image cropping and sizing. Some simply don’t have the time.

3. Style.

Composition and editing. Each photographer has a different style. The photographer’s portfolio showcases their best work, so you should be drawn to what you see. Do they show a lot of images on an angle or do they use the rule of thirds, where the subjects are off to the side of an image? Do they shoot a lot of close-ups or images that incorporate the elements around them? Does the photographer offer posed, where the subjects are looking at the camera or do they showcase a lifestyle approach, where the subjects are looking at each other and the focus is on the emotion. Editing is also a big part of the photographer’s style. Do they show a lot of black and white images? Are there lots of bright, bold colors or more muted tones? Some photographers have a dark and moody style, while others are light and airy.

4. Reviews.

It’s important to consider testimonials and reviews of the photographer and their services when hiring a professional.

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