What’s a Cake Smash Session?

baby girl laying on her back after eating cake for first birthday shoot in south florida

Cake Smash Photography in Fort Lauderdale

Cake smash sessions are the perfect time to celebrate your baby turning ONE!

At Genny Lynn Photography, we'll design a setup for you, include the cake and let your baby have some smashing good fun!

It's also the perfect opportunity to get some family photos before the cake smashing begins.

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baby girl walking at first birthday session in cooper city, fl

So, what goes into a cake smash and what's it all about?

Cake Smash sessions are best done in our studio in Cooper City, FL. The studio provides everything for your cake smash photoshoot including the cake, decorations and planning. 

This type of milestone photoshoot, includes your baby, a cake and no rules. These photo sessions create memories for both the parents and their children to look back on. This playful session can produce so many different outcomes, which truly creates a one-of-a-kind experience and photos you’ll cherish for years to come.

Babies are highly unpredictable. Sometimes they dive right in and sometimes they don’t want anything to do with the cake in front of them. No matter which way it goes, it’s really fun and we get some great shots to give you plenty of portraits of your baby and keepsake options.

one year old girl sitting and eating cake at her cake smash session in south florida

Each session starts with some planning. Either with a color scheme or a theme, sometimes both. Sometimes we continue the colors and theme from the newborn session. This cake smash session was done in the same theme as her newborn photoshoot of bunnies and butterflies using pink and gray colors. 

We start with pre-cake portraits in a sweet little outfit either provided by the studio or the parents before diving into the cake. 

one year old girl sitting for first birthday photos in cooper city, FL

Here are some helpful tips for preparing for your cake smash session to be a success.

  • Make sure baby is well rested and has a full-ish tummy.
  • Bring a change of clothes.
  • I recommend a whipped topping or a buttercream topping as it’s easier to dig into.
  • Let your baker know the cake is for a smash cake session for size purposes. I recommend no more than 3 tiers of 6″ rounds.
  • Bring their favorite small snack along with you (puffs, etc.). Sometimes they will not go for the cake at all, but if they see their favorite snack stuck onto the frosting on the back side of the cake, they usually will go right for it. 
  • Have the cake at room temperature before the session, so it’s less alarming when they touch it. 
  • If you really want your baby to dig in and eat their cake, a little prep might be needed if they haven’t had sugar prior to their smash. A few days prior, allow them to try small tastes of frosting or allow them to squish it into their hands so it’s not so new to them when they’re in front of the camera.
  • If going for bright cake colors, please avoid red or brown frosting. Be advised that some colors will stain baby’s skin.
  • If baby is teething, Orajel or Ibuprofen will be helpful. 
baby girl smiling with her first birthday cake smash in hollywood, fl


How long does a cake smash photography session take?  Cake smash sessions are roughly 30 minutes. If your baby is enjoying their cake, it can be longer.

When’s the best time to schedule my baby’s cake smash photography session?  We recommend scheduling your cake smash photoshoot during your baby’s 11th month, ideally before he/she is walking.  If you’re planning a first birthday party, the session should be 3-4 weeks prior to their party in order to have your images available for their invitations or prints ready to display at their party.

How much does a cake smash photography session cost? There are a few pricing options:

  • Can be included in a one-year portrait session at no extra charge -at the end of the formal session we switch to cake smash. No extra session fee. You just purchase the images you want most.
  • One session from the Watch Me Grow baby plan.
  • Booked as a stand alone session – $200. See the pricing page for additional information.

When will I receive my photos? We know that it is important for you to get your photos as close to your baby’s first birthday as possible. We will have several of our favorite photos ready available at your Big Reveal. If you purchase those… they are ready right then.

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