6 Reasons Why More Women Are Doing Maternity Sessions (And You Should Too)

pregnant woman in white maternity dress for pregnancy photoshoot in weston, fl

As you’re preparing for your new baby, you probably have a to-do list that’s a mile long! From getting the nursery ready to packing your bag for the hospital, there’s just so much to do. You may think that maternity photos are just another item on that list that you can skip, but a maternity session is a great opportunity to capture this special moment in your life.

pregnant lady in lacy maternity dress for photoshoot in hollywood, fl

Celebrate the anticipation and joy
Some women feel amazing during pregnancy while others deal with a lot of discomfort and body issues. Regardless of how you feel, a professional maternity session can help you love your body and feel powerful and beautiful. Pregnancy is an incredible time in your life, and these moments before you welcome your new child into the world are moments you will want to remember for years to come. Why not have some professional images taken to celebrate these feelings before you forget them?

Reflect on your journey
Maternity photos are a wonderful way to capture the next chapter in your story as a couple. These sessions give you an opportunity to reminisce about how your relationship started and how far you’ve come as you look into what the future may hold for your family. Whether this is your first child or your fourth, a maternity session can help you honor the love that started it all and celebrate how you’ve grown together.

Capture this moment in time
Your life is about to change in a big way, and before you know it, the present moment will be nothing more than a memory. Before your family changes to welcome its newest member, you should take time to enjoy where you are now and celebrate the love you share. Plus, when you have images of your family as it grows, you can look back on those photos in the years to come and watch the way you all have changed.

pregnant woman posing for maternity photo in gown

Have fun with older siblings
The best thing about a maternity session is it can be a family photography session, giving your other children a chance to mug for the camera and have fun. Your new baby will require a lot of your attention, so why not your older children have some time in the spotlight? Including older siblings in your maternity photos can make them feel more involved in your pregnancy journey—and more excited for their new little brother or sister to arrive.

silhouette of a pregnant woman posing for maternity photo

Make a big reveal
If you’re planning on sharing your baby’s sex or name, a maternity session can be the perfect opportunity to make that announcement. There are a variety of fun and creative ways you can make that announcement (just check out Pinterest!), and if you need suggestions, we can help you come up with a unique way to let people know the gender or name of the new child you’re expecting.

pregnant woman having her makeup done for her maternity photos in south florida

Feel gorgeous for a day
From the clothes that don’t fit to your discomfort, pregnancy doesn’t always make you feel beautiful. A professional maternity photography session can be a reminder of just how gorgeous you are and how amazing your body is. After all, you’re growing a human being, and that’s truly incredible! Use your maternity photos as an excuse to get pampered with a haircut and/or our professional makeup. Get all dressed up with our beautiful selection of couture gowns and dresses. When you see your images, you will be surprised by how stunning you look.

Photos worth displaying
Many couples have their wedding photos hanging on the walls of their home, but imagine your walls telling your story from marriage to your first child all the way to when you become grandparents. Maternity photos capture a moment in time just as important as your wedding day. Welcoming a new child into your lives and home is a big thing! It’s a moment that deserves professional photography, just like your wedding day.

Maternity and Newborn photo sessions do book several months in advance. Maternity sessions take place between 28-34 weeks. For newborn sessions, please be sure to contact us while you are pregnant since they take place when your baby is 5-14 days old.

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